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About us:

Esintec s.r.l. was founded by people who have always worked in the polyurethane and steel sector. The technical expertise and the capacity to listen to the problems of our customers have allowed us to develop, over time, a business that successfully combines speed of supply, thanks to the storage of finished product in agreed upon amount, to the creation of new products in the soundproofing, acoustic, and thermal insulation sector. The treated materials range from polyethylene foam, to polyurethane and expanded rubber. The performance of our systems allows us to laminate our materials by flame or using adhesives, sticking them together with acrylic or hot melt adhesive, cutting them, shaping them and coiling them. Having acquired, therefore, such a broad know-how, we have a presence in numerous sectors, from technological ones, to the car and rail sectors, to civil and industrial construction, mainly with airtight and watertight seals, and last but not least in the PET and entertainment and leisure industry.